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Charles Thomas



For Immediate Release

December 4, 2019

Intrepid Eagle Finance to specialize in financial planning for growing Christian families.

  • Intrepid Eagle Finance offers financial planning services tailored for Christian families to serve their unique needs.
  • Clients will have an experience that combines Biblically based financial principles with exceptional technology such as a family financial dashboard.
  • Intrepid Eagle Finance has taken a fiduciary oath requiring client interests be placed ahead of the interests of the firm and employees.

CLOVER, SOUTH CAROLINA, December 4, 2019 - Intrepid Eagle Finance, LLC a new financial services company and Registered Investment Advisor launched today. Intrepid Eagle Finance was formed with a mission to serve Christian families with personalized financial advice.

"There's a tremendous number of Christian families who want to balance their devotion to faith and family with their financial life and find it challenging." said Charles Thomas, founder of Intrepid Eagle Finance. "I, along with my own family, am a part of this group."

Traditional financial advice has always had 3 requirements: people who want help need to already have a lot of money, pay commissions and other assorted conflict laden fees, and show up at a provider's office when it is convenient for them, not the client. IEF turns this model on its head in three ways:

No minimum assets (or any assets for that matter). Unlike other firms, IEF does not require a minimum amount of money to manage. For those that already have investments they need help with, IEF can assist, but provides clients with the option to hold investments at a place of their choosing.

IEF does not charge for things like commissions or product sales. Fees are structured in a straightforward monthly payment designed to be understandable and compatible with the rest of a client's monthly budget.

IEF meets with clients wherever they are. With the use of technology and convenient scheduling, clients can meet with an advisor at a time convenient to them and anywhere they have an internet connection.

Thomas adds, "I'm grateful for the support we've received from everyone from technology partners to industry veterans to folks who identify with our mission. We're looking forward to working with this underserved group. We want the family finances of our clients to help them fulfill God's purpose instead of being a roadblock to that purpose."

Intrepid Eagle Finance will offer financial planning and coaching to help clients with the broad range of issues a growing family faces. This includes issues such as student loan and credit card debt, college planning, insurance, tax planning, retirement, investments, and estate planning.

About the Founder


Charles H Thomas III, CFP®, founder of Intrepid Eagle Finance, LLC is a professional with many years of broad experience in finance. His experience with some of the world's largest financial firms will now be at the disposal of families growing in number and in their faith. In addition to being a Certified Financial Planner™, Thomas is affiliated organizations such as the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and the XY Planning Network (XYPN).


About Intrepid Eagle Finance

Intrepid Eagle Finance (www.intrepideaglefinance.com) is a fee-only financial advice firm focused on the needs of growing Christian families. As a fiduciary, Intrepid Eagle Finance offers comprehensive financial advice for a monthly fee without the traditional industry obstacles of commissions, product pushing, and asset minimums. As a virtual company, the firm has partners sound financial principles with world class technology to bring financial advice to Christian families wherever they are. Intrepid Eagle Finance is committed to Helping Christian Families on Their Journey to Financial Freedom.

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