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“What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.”

Mark 10:9 ESV

We specialize in working with Christian families.

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Our clients have common bonds. The clients we serve are devoted to their faith and family. Despite this, many face the challenge of how to balance their family's financial life with these pillars. We work with families to achieve goals that balance what's truly important with their finances.

Whether your family is growing in number, getting taller, growing spiritually, or some other dimension of life, we serve as a trusted partner.

The clients we work with are busy with careers, raising children, serving in their church, community, and a multitude of things that demand time. We use technology to make working with us as easy as possible. We believe some of your family's most important decisions are made at your kitchen table. A meeting with us is as straightforward as bringing Husband, Wife, and a tablet to that table. We use technology to further your financial goals while supporting your family’s traditional values. This is all built around the idea of faith-based financial planning to serve your family's specific needs. 

Examples of the types of clients we work with:

Types of Clients we Serve-The Chances Faith-Based Financial Planner Intrepid Eagle Finance

The Chances

Family of 4

The Chance family has two children ages 16 and 18. They’re looking for balance paying for college, a potential job change for Dad, and Mom considering going back to work.

Types of Clients We Serve-The McLintocks Faith-Based Financial Planner Intrepid Eagle Finance

The McClintocks

Family of 8

The McClintock family just had their sixth child. Dad travels for work and Mom has a small online business where she sells crafts. They’re trying to decide whether to move to a new home. They’re also wondering how to make sure everyone is taken care of if something happens to Mom or Dad.

Types of Clients We Serve-The Lanes Faith-Based Financial Planner Intrepid Eagle Finance

The Lanes

Family of 2.5

The Lane family has been married less than a year and is expecting their first child. They are trying to understand the expenses with child birth and are moving to a new home before the baby is born. They are also trying to decide how to update their insurance and sell some investments to pay for their new home. 

Note: These are fictional names used to illustrate the types of families we partner with.

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