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“For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?”

Luke 14:28 ESV

Services and Fees

Your family has a one of a kind set of financial aspirations. 

Intrepid Eagle Finance provides financial help for Christian families and we're here to support you.

You feel strongly about what is important. 

Our services are designed to support households that value these three foundations. 



You're a household of Believers whose Christian faith is a core part of your being.



You believe family should be valued and treasured as described in Ephesians.



Your financial situation should support life instead of life being dictated by financial circumstances.

As parents, when we sit down to think about managing all the pieces of life that demand resources it can be daunting. The Bible rightly gives the advice to be thoughtful about the cost of an endeavor before starting it. This is easier said than done. We serve as a trusted partner to help align your family's financial life so that it works in harmony with your financial goals instead of hindering them. We do all this with remote financial advice and ongoing help.

We serve as a fiduciary for our clients. This means that we place the interests of our clients ahead of our own. We do not accept commissions or referral fees. We structure the fees our clients pay in order to support our goal of serving their interests. 

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Essentials Package

$499 Startup Fee and then $149 a month
Our Essentials package provides an initial financial plan and ongoing finance advice for your family. Essentials also includes a family financial dashboard to view your entire outlook in one app. As part of our ongoing relationship with you, your family's Christian financial advisor will work with you on topics like these:

Helping you plan for family changes

Whether it's adding a child, adopting, or some other change, there can be challenges. Just because this change is a blessing, does not mean that the financial impact is simple.

  • Helping you plan for the expenses of childbirth
  • Planning for the cost of adoption and the unique effect adoption has on other parts of your financial life
  • Working with you to update employer benefits based on family changes
Manage your family's Tithing and Giving

Your family may feel strongly about what you give to your church and other causes. This does not mean it's always easy to balance this with other goals.

  • We help you craft a family spending plan that includes a giving plan you feel is appropriate.
  • How you give makes a difference to you and the recipient. We help you determine the best ways to give and maximize the impact.
Understanding and Optimizing Your Employer Benefits

The term "open enrollment" can bring stress to many people. Whether it's a new job or yearly benefits enrollment, we work with you to select the appropriate benefits for your family.

  • Evaluating the benefits offered as part of a potential job change
  • Assisting you with changes your company makes from one year to the next
  • For a given benefit offer, deciding whether to use the employer option or seek an option on your own
Managing Your Debt

Debt of any kind can seem daunting. We work with you to put together an overall view of debts your family has and how best to manage it. In some cases, this could be debt from years ago or a loan you are considering for a new home.

  • Review student loan debt and help you formulate a plan to pay it down
  • Does it make sense to make the suggested payment or pay additional principal?
  • How does the debt you have affect things like your credit score?
  • For a new loan you are considering, what are the most important things to think about?
Medical Insurance and Protection for Your Family

Planning for health care can be complicated. We help you review and weigh options. Since we don't sell insurance, we are positioned to help you weigh options that will help balance health and financial impact.

  • Yearly review of your employer's health coverage.
  • Evaluating options such as FSAs, HSAs, or medical sharing ministries
  • Options for the self-employed or small business owner
Investment Guidance for Your Family's Long Term Aspirations

We work with you to review investment accounts and craft a portfolio to achieve your long term goals. The recommendations we make are built around diversified investments that keep costs low. As part of our Essentials package, we make recommendations that you will take and implement. If you wish for us to manage the changes for you then we can discuss our Plus package, and how it might be an option for your family's investments

  • Specific investment recommendations for how to allocate investments such as retirement of education accounts
  • We work with you to choose investments that are coordinated with the rest of your financial plan
  • We recommend investments that help minimize the amount that goes to fees and taxes.
Planning to Manage and Mitigate Your Taxes

Taxes can seem complicated and burdensome. We work with you on tax issues throughout the year to minimize the stress around when they are due.

  • Looking at your situation to help you minimize your tax burden
  • Reviewing tax strategies that can help benefit your family over the long term
Manage Career Changes and the Effect on Your Family

A career change can have an effect on your entire household. Whether it's a job change you choose or one that's chosen for you, we help you weigh and navigate the impact.

  • What is the impact of the change on benefits?
  • How does the salary and total compensation compare to other employers?
  • If you're considering going out on your own and starting a business, we help you consider the feasibility and how it might work
  • If your employment unexpectedly ends, we help you through the stressful time until you secure a new job
Saving for You and Your Spouse's Retirement

Retirement can seem difficult to grasp as something complicated and far away. We help you to begin saving for this goal today while still managing your family's day to day.

  • Maximizing employer options such as a 401k match
  • Exploring options for self-employed individuals or a parent who works part time
  • Balancing the goal of retiring securely in the future with goals that affect the here and now
  • Helping you decide how much to save
Planning for Your Children's College and other Education

It can be a challenge to balance wanting to provide the best education for your children with the sticker shock we feel when we see the prices. We help you to plan for the costs for many phases of your child's learning pursuits.

  • Budgeting for private or homeschool
  • Choosing and funding options for college such as a 529 plan
  • Discussing how aspects of your financial plan affect applications for scholarships and other opportunities.
Planning for children and others if you pass away

Since our clients place a high value on the wellbeing of family, we know it's important to them to ensure that children are properly cared for if one or both parents passes. We work with you on many aspects of an estate plan and help coordinate with the attorney you have selected to prepare documents such as a will.

  • Identifying needs for the appropriate amount of life insurance
  • What are your priorities when you work with an attorney to craft a will
  • Review financial impact of how financial accounts are set up such as beneficiaries or account titling.

Please note: The Standard Package is being offered on a waitlist only basis until further notice. 

Standard Package

$499 Startup Fee and then $219 a month 
Our Standard package includes everything from Essentials and also provides yearly tax preparation and filing for your family. Standard is supported by our partnership with a nationwide CPA firm. An additional fee may apply for more complex tax and/or filing situations. As part of our ongoing relationship with your household, we work with you on topics like:

Preparation of common federal tax documents
  • Form 1040
  • Schedules A,B, and D
  • Form 1040-ES
State Tax Return
  • Includes your resident state return
  • Additional states can be added for an additional fee

Plus Package

0.75% of assets we manage for you
You may decide to get additional help with growing money for your family's future. We offer our Plus Package as an additional option for clients who want the convenience of investment management.  This can be for as much or as little of your portfolio as you wish. The way your money is invested is done with the same prudence we recommend to all our clients. This fee-based option, provides a service where we will do the work of implementation and regular changes for you while still keeping you informed on progress. Some tenets of this approach include:


Ecclesiastes 11 tells us to avoid planting all our seeds in one field or putting all our eggs in one basket. We ensure your portfolio is spread across many different investments to manage risk.

Asset Allocation

We select a mix of investments such as stocks and bonds using low cost ETFs as part of your portfolio.

Asset Location

The kinds of accounts where different investments are held can make a difference for important considerations like taxes. We implement your plan while considering this often overlooked dimension.

Regular Rebalancing

We regularly rebalance your portfolio to ensure you remain on track and adhere to the long term allocation we have set for you.


We allocate your investments among vehicles such as Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs with retirement in mind.

Tax Efficient Investing

The way you invest makes a difference in how much you owe in taxes. Any investments we make for you or changes we implement are always done with consideration on how to minimize the amount that goes to taxes.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you charge commissions?

No, never. We serve as a fiduciary for our clients. That means we put the interests of our clients ahead of our own interests.

Can you manage investments for my family?

We offer investment management as a service for clients who want it, but we don't require clients to hold any investments with us.

Where in the US do you offer services?

We work with clients virtually to be compatible with the busy lives of our clients. Because of this, we're able to work with families across the United States.

What happens if my family decides to leave Intrepid Eagle Finance?

If your family decides that we're not the right place or life changes, we will wish you the very best. We don't charge surrender or cancellation fees when a family ceases service with us.

Does my family have to be Christian to work with you?

No, we don't require it. We do ask prospective clients to understand that Biblical principles are the reason our company was started and heavily influence the advice and guidance we provide to clients.

How much money do I need to get started?

We are not like most financial advisors that are only willing to work with you if you have a certain level of assets to manage. In fact, we offer a fee-based monthly option so you don't need to have any assets.

Are we right for you?