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“Commit your work to the LORD, and your plans will be established.” 

Proverbs 16:3 ESV

What to Expect

When you get started with Intrepid Eagle Finance

Complimentary Intro Meeting Faith-Based Financial Planner Intrepid Eagle Finance

Schedule a Free Discovery Discussion


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Schedule a time with us so you can get to know us and we can get to know you. You're busy, so we use video conferencing to make this free consultation convenient for you.

You deserve to be listened to, not talked at or given a sales pitch. We'll talk about your family's financial situation, how our services might or might not be appropriate for you, and any questions you have about faith-based financial planning at Intrepid Eagle Finance.

Make a Plan Faith-Based Financial Planner Intrepid Eagle Finance

Make a plan for your family and get organized

Your family's Christian financial advisor will work with you to get your financial life organized and put together a comprehensive plan. This will include talking with you and your spouse to identify and prioritize what is most important.

Take Action Faith-Based Financial Planner Intrepid Eagle Finance

Take Action and begin building financial freedom for you and your family

We help you to implement the plan that we have built together. This includes refining or updating the plan where appropriate. You'll meet with your planner for scheduled updates but also have access anytime life presents a change or big financial question. Your plan will change as family life changes and we'll be there to help you adjust and make wise financial decisions. We stand ready to assist in taking these steps toward financial freedom for your family. 



Things to expect

Reviews Faith-Based Financial Planner Intrepid Eagle Finance Reviews
After we help you implement the major parts of your plan, we typically schedule check in meetings every 3-4 months.

Quick Questions Faith-Based Financial Planner Intrepid Eagle Finance Quick Questions
We're always available via email or phone when a question arises. 

Unexpected Events Faith-Based Financial Planner Intrepid Eagle Finance Unexpected events
When you have something unexpected come up, we're available to help you make the best decision for your family. 

Access to dashboard Faith-Based Financial Planner Intrepid Eagle Finance Access to dashboard
We provide a family financial dashboard accessible from your phone, tablet, or computer to keep an overall view of your family's financial life and track progress. 

Something else Faith-Based Financial Planner Intrepid Eagle Finance Something else
As part of your ongoing relationship with a faith-based financial planner, you can schedule a conversation at anytime with us to work through whatever issue or question is on your mind. 



Things we do differently

We meet virtually. We know you are busy and it's tough to make time for appointments. We use video conferencing so you can meet with us from the convenience of your couch or wherever works best for you. (If you have a kid on your lap, it's fine by us, we like kids)

What we do differently Faith-Based Financial Planner Intrepid Eagle Finance

You got married because you're a great team. We want to support that with Christian financial help and planning.

Although we don't require it, we highly recommend that husband and wife attend meetings together. Why? We believe that when both spouses are involved and comfortable with your household's finances, it sets your family up for success. You got married because you're a great team. We want to support that with our approach to Christian financial help. 

The clients we work with have core values that are important and distinct to them. We work with you to uncover what is most important to your family and find ways to support that with your financial priorities. 

We work with a specific type of client: Christian Families

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We collaborate with you. We consider our financial planning process to be just that, a process. This approach means we will work with you to find the best solutions and priorities for challenges you think about today and challenges you will encounter tomorrow.