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Welcome to the Intrepid Eagle Finance blog. As part of our mission to help Christian families on their journey to find financial freedom, we write about the challenges families like yours face and how to meet those challenges. Our Christian Finance blog is available via email subscription or RSS as well. 

The Extensive Emotional Effects of Debt Thumbnail

The Extensive Emotional Effects of Debt

If your family has been clashing with debt, you’re not alone. The average American has $15,950 in credit card debt, and 39% of Americans carry a balance from month to month. Debt can cause many emotional and psychological effects so it’s important to implement steps to overcome the emotional effects of debt.

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How to Appeal Property Tax Thumbnail

How to Appeal Property Tax

Appealing property taxes can be time consuming and complex, especially since it can vary by local government. Understanding how to appeal your property tax bill can go a long way.

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