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5 Things Our Client Families Love About Tax Prep With Us Thumbnail

5 Things Our Client Families Love About Tax Prep With Us

Did you know we offer our clients families at Intrepid Eagle Finance help with taxes?

Every family we work with gets help with ways to lower your tax bill. For families that choose the Standard plan, they also get help with tax preparation and filing. 

Here's 5 things we hear from our client families about why getting help with financial planning and tax filing in the same place works well for them. 

1. Strategy becomes action

Taxes are one of your family's biggest expenses. We make a plan with every client family at Intrepid Eagle Finance to save money on taxes. When we help prepare a family's taxes, it gets that much easier. That means we're able to help with the plan and the actions to reduce taxes. 

2. It's part of the monthly subscription

The unpleasant part about getting tax help is usually the big check you have to write. Because our client families on the standard plan get tax preparation included, it's all included in their monthly fee. For many families this makes it easier to budget for financial help just like their other monthly bills. 

3. Flexibility

We are not bound by zip codes. We partner with a national CPA firm so can serve families across the country. That also means we're able to help with unique challenges. If you have to file in more than one state, we can help. If your family moves, you don't have to get a new tax preparer. If you decide to go on the road in an RV for a year, we can help you there too while you're on the move. 

4.Convenient and Paperless

No one likes dealing with the hassle of tax time. We make it easy for our client families to file with secure uploading from your device of choice. We also meet with our client families virtually so no taking time off work or getting a babysitter at tax time. You'll also get a secure document vault where you can store backup tax documentation and other important files for your family. 

5. Expertise on Families

Because we focus on serving Christian families, we're very familiar with the ins and outs of how finances and taxes work for your household. We know that means weighing decisions and how they affect your entire family. In addition to your Certified Financial Planner™ professional at Intrepid Eagle Finance, two tax professionals will review your return before we send it off to Uncle Sam. 

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“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace”

1 PETER 4:10 ESV

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