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7 Practical Car Repairs [Maintenance] Teenagers Can do to Save Money Thumbnail

7 Practical Car Repairs [Maintenance] Teenagers Can do to Save Money

When you have a teenage driver, there's many things to think and worry about for Mom and Dad. As young adults, there's a an opportunity for bonding time with a parent that can lead to a more confident young driver and save money at the same time. Basic car repairs can teach your son or daughter more about the vehicle they are driving and also save money by taking a DIY approach with some maintenance tasks anyone can do. Keep for reading for how to get started in your family. 

Check Tire Pressure and Tire Condition

Checking tires might seem very basic, but this is an important skill for your young driver. Properly inflated tires are safer than under or overly inflated tires. Teach your teen how to use a tire gauge and how to find the proper PSI level for their car. Also review with them how inspect for proper tread on each tire.


A study from Edmunds found the average driver could save $112 a year on fuel costs if their tires were properly inflated to the manufacturer’s suggested PSI. This may also lengthen the life span of the tires.


Replace Lights

Headlights, brake lights, and more go out as a part of driving life. The location and specific type of light will determine the time needed for this repair. Consult the manual to ensure you have the right bulb before embarking on the replacement. This is also a good time to remind your young driver about the driving laws for burnt out lights and the importance of making sure car lights are functioning.


According to repair pal, changing one headlight bulb can range from $113 to $138 for the labor cost.


Replace Wiper Blades

When wiper blades are streaking, teach your teen driver how to do the replacement in the driveway. The package for new blades will have the basic instructions needed on how to complete this change out.


According to repair pal, wipe blade replacement can range from $26 to $33 for labor costs.

Refill Windshield Wiper Fluid

If you have a new driver who is nervous about working on a car, windshield fluid could be an easy place to start. This is a maintenance task that will likely require no tools and can be completed in just a few minutes. Use this as an opportunity to remind your driver about how use windshield fluid while driving t keep a clear view of the road.



Replace Air Filter

Engine air filters are important and a dirty one hurts fuel economy. This is a simple repair that can be completed without any tools on some cars. Teach your teenager how to lookup and purchase the proper filter for their model and year of car. The replacement should take no more than a few minutes. Be sure to review the manual’s recommendation on how often to change filters on their vehicle.

According to repair pal, air filter replacement can range from $26 to $33 for labor costs.

Battery Change

You teenage driver may need a new batter for preventative maintenance or battery failure at some point. This is a good opportunity to teach your son or daughter how to look up the batter for specific vehicle model and shop for different options. With battery in hand, be sure to review the car manual and take proper safety precautions while doing the replacement. This is a key repair skill that will save money and could also prevent your child from being stranded in the future.

According to repair pal, battery replacement can range from $41 to $51 for labor costs.

Check Oil

Modern cars may have sensors to check oil, but this is still an important skill for your teenager to know. Teach them how locate the dipstick and how to properly check the engine’s oil level. This is also a good opportunity talk about what can happen if oil is not at the proper level and what to do next.

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