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How Much to Pay a [Teenage] Babysitter Thumbnail

How Much to Pay a [Teenage] Babysitter

Baby sitter pay can be a bit of a mystery. When you hire a teenager for a job, it’s not like you’re hiring a big company that has an established pay rate and terms. An appropriate pay rate for a good babysitter will depend on several factors. Keep reading for some considerations as you narrow down an appropriate babysitter pay rate for your sitter.


 Hourly Rate Teenage Babysitter

Where you live

Just like any other job or vocation, the going rate is different for where you live. Ask around in your neighborhood or community to get a feel for the going rate. Normal babysitting pay will tend to vary similar to how the cost of other services and cost of living sits in your hometown. In other words, expect a higher cost if you live in a city compared to if you live in a rural community.

 How much do you pay a teenager to babysit?


Sometimes, you just feel better when you know your teen sitter has experience. This could be direct babysitting experience but consider other experiences as well. If your prospective babysitter has taken a babysitting class or has volunteered in the church nursery, this might warrant higher pay to get the benefit this young person offers compared to other options.


Special Skills

If you need or want your babysitter to have any special skills, consider that in your pay decision. For example, if you want a sitter who has gone through a Red Cross Babysitting or first aid course, there may be fewer teens out there who fill this requirement. If you want a sitter who can help your child with their piano practice, this also might warrant an upward adjustment in pay.


Date on the Calendar

Babysitters are in demand at some times more than others. Expect more demand on Friday than on Thursday. Also consider special occasions like New Year’s Eve. If you’re hiring a teenager, remember that your pay is competing with a social event they might want to attend.


Scope of Responsibilities

The expectations or requirements your family has for a babysitter might be very different from your neighbors. If you have 3 children, that’s a different setup than asking a sitter to take of one child. Also, think about if you’re asking a sitter to help with homework or take care of dinner with your children.


Compatibility with your children

Let’s be honest, your children mesh with some babysitters more than others sometimes. If you’ve tried a few babysitters and one gets rave reviews from your kids, how much is that worth? Maybe it’s personality or they’re good with kids. How much easier is it to leave a child when you know the babysitter makes your little one smile?



Take into account when you secured the sitter for the service. If you booked your sitter last minute for a time, consider rewarding the quick attention. Teenagers have other commitments like adults, so it’s relevant when you ask last minute to show up at your home for the evening.

Things to Remember about Hiring a Teenager

As you think about how much to pay a teen babysitter, remember this teenage is still a child. You're paying money for a service and you should have expectations about the care your children are provided. Make no mistake about, but keep in mind the 15 year old you are "doing business with" is trying responsibly to earn money. Keep the going rate in mind and also give them a bit of grace in the process. Your child may be in the same shoes sooner than you think. 

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