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Interior Home Repairs you can do with Kids Thumbnail

Interior Home Repairs you can do with Kids

As a homeowner, there are many joys and also responsibilities. One of your responsibilities is maintain your home, which includes repairs from time to time. Some of those repairs can include your children. After all, as future homeowners they’ll need to know some basic repairs themselves, right?


"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward." Psalm 127:3 ESV



Put a roller or paint brush in your son or daughters hand the next time you do some painting. To make it safe for them and your sanity, put down some plastic or covering for bigger jobs to prevent from going somewhere it shouldn’t. Spend a few minutes teaching the proper technique. In other words, make sure they understand that less is better when getting paint on the brush.



Oil hinges

Door hinges love to squeak. This is an easy one to teach. Demonstrate first how to properly use oil or lubricant like WD-40 to quite down those noisy hinges.


Fix a toilet

As users of the household toilets, involve children in this repair. This will give them an appreciation for when you warn they should gentle with the handle. This could be either help with unclogging or something like replacing the handle.


HVAC filters should be changed regularly. Some homes have filters that are easy to access while other require a ladder to access. In either case, involve your child to the extent that is safe for this age. Steadying the ladder or handing a fresh filter up to you can be ways to involve younger ones. This can also be a chance to teach about how changing filters keeps your family healthy and can save your money


Smoke Detector Tests and battery changes

This is a chance to remind children of the importance of smoke detectors and what to do if one goes off. Depending on age, this one may need to be a team effort, but include them to the extent their height will allow.

Fix loose cabinets

Cabinets tend to get loose over time. Arming you and your handy helper with a screwdriver (Usually a phillips head) is an easy way to correct this problem. Go through and tighten the closers or hingers in cabinets for an easy team job.


Teach Your Children about DIY vs. Calling Someone

For any of these lessons, take it as an opportunity to teach your child about the difference in cost between calling a pro compared to doing it yourself. While it’s obvious to an adult why you wouldn’t call a contractor to change a lightbulb, you weren’t born with that knowledge. Good luck and have fun with your repairs!

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