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Christian Finance Blog

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Welcome to the Intrepid Eagle Finance blog. As part of our mission to help Christian families on their journey to find financial freedom, we write about the challenges families like yours face and how to meet those challenges. Our Christian Finance blog is available via email subscription or RSS as well. 

Can a 529 Plan Pay for Preschool? Thumbnail

Can a 529 Plan Pay for Preschool?

Preschool can be pricey, but can money be withdrawn from a 529 plan to pay for private preschool? Find out the rules for college savings plans and whether you can tap those funds for pre-K

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Stay-At-Home Parents and Life Insurance Thumbnail

Stay-At-Home Parents and Life Insurance

Often families forget to take out life insurance policies on stay-at-home Mom or a stay-at-home Dad. Many people fail to realize the significant financial contribution that stay-at-home parents actually make to the household.

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