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Should a middle schooler have a wallet? Thumbnail

Should a middle schooler have a wallet?

Do you remember the first wallet you ever had? I do. My first wallet was bright green. Now, when you picture that you might be thinking of a shade of green that happens to be bright. This was the bright green of an age when fanny packs were acceptable for people to wear in public. It was a trifold wallet made of canvas material. The most defining characteristic of this wallet was Velcro! My wallet could not be opened without a very loud and audible tearing sound. I made sure to remind my friends at the time that because Velcro was invented for the space program, my wallet was built with space age technology.


Sadly, my beloved Velcro wallet was stolen on a class trip in the 7th grade. Should a middle schooler even have a wallet? Is the time when carrying cash is just not necessary for their generation?


Why should a middle school age kid have a wallet?

What would a tween even put in a wallet? Great question. Here’s some ideas.


Government ID

Most states allow you to get an official state ID card for your child even before they reach driving age. If your family chooses to get an ID then wallet is an excellent place to keep this ID safe and available for when the need arises.


Student ID

If your son or daughter’s school issues a school ID, a wallet can help keep their school approved card from being lost.


Emergency Numbers

I an emergency, you will want your child or someone with them to get in contact quickly with you or other family members. By placing a card or other paper with emergency contacts in a wallet, you’ll be putting your child or someone helping them in an emergency in a position to contact you right away.



Either or regular spending or emergencies, your middle schooler will need cash sometimes. Part of teaching responsibility with spending is take care of money. That includes how money is spent, but also how you take care of cash, literally. A wallet allows the chance to organize paper money and keep it safe.


Membership cards

Some middle schoolers will share your family’s membership to venues like the YMCA. If your child has a membership card, a wallet will help them keep the care safe and available for when it is needed.


Allergy/health information

For some kids, health information is a life-threatening issue. By placing information, like food and drug allergies inside of a wallet. Any ongoing or sensitive medical conditions can also be listed here as well. Children at this point in life may be well versed in


But my son or daughter has a phone

If your family has made the decision to get a smartphone for your middle schooler, there are many things that can be done on the list above with a phone. A wallet, however, is a great backup and never runs out of batteries.

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