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The Work-From-Home Job Search: What You Need to Know Thumbnail

The Work-From-Home Job Search: What You Need to Know

Are you searching for remote work opportunities? Whether you’re in need of a new position during COVID-19 or have been seeking a work-from-home job for some time now, it can be difficult to know where to start. In some cases, companies may not specify that a job is remote. In others, it’s difficult to verify the validity of a posted job.

Even if you find a job that seems legitimate, it may be hard to find one that matches your specific qualifications and interest. If you’re on the hunt for an at-home job, use these guidelines in your search for location independent employment.

Work from home job search Intrepid Eagle Finance

Tip #1: Tap into Your Network 

When looking for any type of job, whether at home or not, it’s always useful to reach out to friends, family, colleagues and current or previous coworkers to see if they know of an available opportunity. Since some companies won’t specify on a job description that a position is remote, this can be helpful for getting to know of an opportunity that otherwise may not have been disclosed on an online job description. In addition, having someone recommend you to a potential employer can frequently be a leg up in any application process. 

Tip #2: Consider Part-Time Jobs or Freelance Work 

In some instances, per-project work-from-home gigs are easier to find than full-time work. As an interim solution, or long-term pursuit, consider becoming a freelancer and piecing together a few different gigs and projects. According to a study done by Edelman Intelligence and Upwork, 71 percent of freelancers agreed they were able to work from anywhere they choose. Freelance work, therefore, tends to be a remote venture. To find freelance opportunities, join online freelance sites or reach out to your network to see if your skillset matches work they’re looking to outsource.  

Tip #3: Know That Specialization Might be a Requirement 

By nature, remote work can typically be done online, meaning that work-from-home manual or unskilled work is not as easy to come by. In addition, companies searching for a full-time employee might prefer someone more experienced — likely with a specific skill set — who they can trust, especially if they won’t be supervised in person. If you’re looking for freelance work specifically, the most common kind does involve skilled services, like programming, marketing and consulting. Don't let that hold you back, though. More and more opportunities are available in a remote orientation. 

Tip #4: Apply Even if a Job Description Doesn’t Specify Remote Work

The 2020 pandemic has shown that plenty of people are able to accomplish their work from home rather than needing to go into an office every day. Until COVID-19 is over, many jobs may continue to be remote. However, it’s possible that many will continue to offer this as a possibility for employees if it was still successful for their business. Additionally, some companies may offer a remote opportunity for their employees, either immediately or after you’ve been with them for a specific amount of time, even if it does not specify on their website or job description. It’s always worth asking those kinds of questions throughout the interview process.

If you’re actively engaged in the work-from-home job search, or you’re about to begin, it might be easier than you think to find a situation that works for you. Begin by reaching out to your network or considering more creative solutions, like freelance work. Best of luck to you in your search!

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