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Printable Budget for Classical Conversations Families 

Intrepid Eagle Finance is not affiliated with Classical Conversations inc. 

Classical Conversations Budget Printable

Budgeting for CC

If your family has a child in a Classical Conversations program, congratulations! It's great that you're so involved with your son or daughter's education. That's a blessing, but it's still important to plan for the costs and make a place in your budget.

Tuition, fees, materials, and books can be difficult to plan for in your homeschool. That's why we created this free resource for families like yours. You'll get a resource that works for all levels of CC including foundations, essentials, and challenge. 

We're not affiliated with Classical Conversations, but created these resources as a way to help families. These resources are general in nature and not specific to anyone's individual circumstances, but will help most folks get started on planning for the year ahead in your homeschool. 

Get the printable budget worksheet 

"For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?" Luke 14:28 ESV

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These resources are a creation of Charles H Thomas III, CFP® and Intrepid Eagle Finance. 

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This information is educational in nature and does not constitute financial , tax, or legal advice. No action or financial decision should be taken based on this document alone. Intrepid Eagle Finance is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or in any other way associated with Classical Conversations inc. We do think they're great people who work in the spirit of Psalm 19.