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CC Tutors and Taxes 

Classical Conversations Tutor 1099

Tutors and Taxes

If you're a CC tutor, then thank you for working to encourage other families and their children as they embrace homeschool. You're a blessing to others. As part of your commitment to your local community and compensation, you may have questions on taxes and how that affects you as a community tutor. We're not affiliated with Classical Conversations, but created these resources as a way to say thanks. These resources are general in nature and not specific to anyone's individual circumstances, but will help most folks get started on what they need to know about taxes and tutoring.


"Whoever gives thought to the word will discover good, and blessed is he who trusts in the Lord." Proverbs 16:20 ESV

Common Questions CC Tutors Have about taxes

Why did my director give me a tax form?

Generally speaking, the IRS requires a tax form (Typically a 1099-NEC) to be produced if someone is paid more than $600 in a calendar year. As a Classical Conversations tutor, you may fall within this definition. 

I didn't get a tax form from my community director, why did my director not give me a tax form?

You'll have to ask your director to see for certain. A possible explanation is if you did not earn more than $600 in a calendar year, your director was not required to produce a tax form. If you earned more than $600, then there should almost certainly be a form produced for you. 

I didn't make enough to get a tax form, does that mean I don't have to report this on my taxes?

No, whether you receive a tax form or not, the IRS expects you to report all compensation you receive each year. 

Will my family owe taxes on my CC tutor income?

Your tutor income is just one component of your taxes in a year. Because this income is just one piece of the puzzle, it's difficult to say. Generally, you'll owe self-employment taxes, but this could be partially or fully offset by other parts of your tax return. 

I set up a space at home to use for preparations before community day, can I take a home office deduction?

The deduction for a home office has some specific requirements. One of those requirements is the office space needs to be dedicated to the business activity you are attempting to use a deduction for. In other words, the deduction applies in a limited set of circumstances. Click here for more information about how you might or might not qualify. 

What is the form 1099-NEC

IRS form 1099-NEC is for independent contractors. When you are considered a contractor and receive compensation, this form is used to report that compensation. Most CC tutors fall under the designation of an independent contractor. 

Should I have received a form W-2 instead of a 1099?

Ask your community director to see for sure. W-2 forms are used to report compensation for an individual who is classified as an employee. A 1099-NEC is used for someone classified as an independent contractor. Your classification as a tutor can depend on factors such as the state or municipality where you live and local regulations. 

Why does the amount I was paid show money from the last school year?

Tax forms work off the calendar year. You might think about tutoring from a school year standpoint, but the IRS operates on what you received from January to December each year. 

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This information is educational in nature and does not constitute financial, tax, or legal advice. No action or financial decision should be taken based on this document alone. Intrepid Eagle Finance is not affiliated with, endorsed by, or in any other way associated with Classical Conversations inc. We do think they're great people who work in the spirit of Psalm 19.