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2023 can be the year your family gets your financial life organized

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What is important?

Financial guidance is one of the most critical topics addressed in the Bible.  

Still, we often feel unable to make the connection between these words and their impact your family's financial life. 

It's easy to know you need to make a change, but difficult to know what to do. 

Asking the right questions is the right place to start...

Each day, you'll receive a key question to answer about these important topics:

✅ Time and Finances

✅ Harmony in balance with Finance

✅ Values and Money

✅ Raising kids to be Godly Men and Women

✅ Truths about Money and Marriage

✅ Consequences of our decisions

✅ Possibilities and building the family you want

Get clarity on what you need to know to get organized

Learn how to spend time and effort on what truly matters.

So much "financial advice" asks the wrong questions...

I hear advice about what families should so with their financial life all the time.  So much of that advice sounds like the same shallow tips recycled with different words.  

A thousand different anecdotes that say nothing different have probably passed you by before. 

Did that one relative tell you their opinion, invited or not, at the last family gathering? Did your co-worker, who says they have it all figured out, tell you what to do? Did somebody offer their own solution to you about the smart thing they do with money? 

You've heard answers from all sorts of people before, but what question were they trying to answer? Was it a question you even asked?

Make sure you're spending time and effort on what matters.


This free series goes direct to your inbox and is designed to help you figure out your family's money priorities.

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"By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures." -Proverbs 24: 3-4 NIV

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Your family's biggest challenge right now

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