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“For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?”

LUKE 14:28 ESV

Parents say they worry about paying for their child's college education. 

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Homeschool + College

As a homeschool family, the cost of college presents some unique challenges.

We're here to help you get ready. In this free workshop designed for homeschool households, we'll cover:

🎓 Specific tactics to help your student pay for tuition and other costs
🎓 How scholarship opportunities differ for homeschool applicants
🎓 Things to do and things to avoid in your college funding plan
🎓 How college financial aid officers view homeschoolers
🎓 How to choose where to focus your efforts as a college hopeful homeschool family          

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Wednesday, March 15 | 1 PM Est

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Find out what financial planning for faithful families is like            

Intrepid Eagle Finance offers financial planning tailored for Christian families. We help families like yours make wise money decisions in the face of all the challenges you encounter. That includes everything from choosing benefits at work to saving for college to finding ways to reduce taxes-plus more. 

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See what it's like to get help specifically made for families who value faith, family, and freedom. 

 Financial planning for christian families


As seen in:

Financial advice and planning for families like yours

We specialize in working with Christian families

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We believe some of your family's most important decisions are made at your kitchen table. A meeting with us is as straightforward as bringing Husband, Wife, and a tablet to that table. We use technology to further your financial goals while supporting your family’s traditional values. This is all built around the idea of faith-based financial planning to serve your family's specific needs. 

Traditional Financial Advice
What does my family receive?Customized advice for the most critical parts of your family's financial life and help putting the plan into motionTypically 50+ page report that focuses on investments or social security
What is the minimum amount of assets to begin?$0Usually $250,000 or more
What are the qualifications of my planner?Your planner is a CFPⓇ professional and experienced working with families and financesVaries based on the company you engage with
How will we meet?Virtually to make it convenient for your family on your scheduleUsually at an office during the day
What is the technology experience like?You get access to a family financial dashboard to track progress on goals and see how your family is doing anytimeNot usually part of the service
How do you help with college planning?Client families get in-depth help with estimating the actual cost of college and making a plan to pay for itCollege planning is usually basic or not included
Is the advice faith-based?Our advice is always grounded in Biblical financial principlesNo
What is the fee structure?Straightforward fee agreement based on your family's needs. Click here to view full services and fees.Varies; can be commissions you pay based on products you are sold, based on investment accounts you open with the provider, or other methods. 

Examples of the types of clients we work with:

Biblical Financial Planning-The Chances Faith-Based Financial Planner Intrepid Eagle Finance

The Edwards Family

Family of 4

The Edwards family has two children ages 16 and 18. They’re looking for balance paying for college, a potential job change for Dad, and Mom considering going back to work.

Case Study-Edwards Family

Christian Financial Advisor Intrepid Eagle Finance

The Thornton Family

Family of 8

The Thornton family just had their sixth child. Dad travels for work and Mom has a small online business where she sells crafts. They’re trying to decide whether to move to a new home. They’re also wondering how to make sure everyone is taken care of if something happens to Mom or Dad.

Case Study-Thornton Family

Faith-Based Financial Planner Intrepid Eagle Finance

The Lane Family

Family of 2.5

The Lane family has been married less than a year and is expecting their first child. They are trying to understand the expenses with child birth and are moving to a new home before the baby is born. They are also trying to decide how to update their insurance and sell some investments to pay for their new home. 

Case Study-Lane Family

Note: These are fictional names used to illustrate the types of families we partner with.

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How We Can Help

Focus on What Matters


We help your family align money decisions with the what's important to your family. Faith, family, and freedom are priorities we share with each family we work with. 

Hit Your Goals


You get help on prioritizing and achieving goals uniquely important to your family. Milestones big and small are part of the ongoing financial help we offer families like yours. 

Stay on Track

Know where your family's financial life stands at any time. Your family will get access to a family financial dashboard and a Christian financial advisor so you'll know where you are and where you need to go at any time. 

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