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Come see us at the Southeast Homeschool Expo

This event is complete for 2020!

Go to our Homeschool Resource Center for our take on how to balance homeschool with family finances. 

go to Homeschool Resource Center

Intrepid Eagle Finance will be at the Southeast Homeschool Expo

"Like an eagle that stirs up its nest, that flutters over its young, spreading out its wings, catching them, bearing them on its pinions."

Deuteronomy 32:11 ESV

We're pleased to present at the 2020 Southeast Homeschool Expo! We would love to meet you at the event. Look below for where you can find us and have a great time!

Click to get a free printable budget for your homeschool curriculum

Ways to engage with us at the expo

Workshop-Transform a trip to the grocery store into a multidisciplinary lesson

Friday 4:45 PM
Room 112
Charles will take you through the incredible possibilities of using a shopping trip at the grocery store to give your homeschooler an immersive learning experience. This session will give you actionable learning opportunities that can be part of a grocery run or filling an online shopping cart. Learn how to expand an errand to include math, personal finance, geography, reading comprehension, elocution, and more.

Workshop-10 Ways to Pay for College as a Homeschool Family

Saturday 1:00 PM
Room 112
The intimidation of paying for college can creep in years before your student fills out an application. Homeschool families are not immune to this challenge but do have some unique considerations to remember as they prepare for this next phase in their student’s educational journey. Charles will share 10 strategies homeschool families can use to respond confidently to this challenge.

Come by our booth: Located near the rock wall

Come by and say hello! We're happy to share how we work with Christian families to balance family life with their financial life. We help our client families to organize their financial lives including how to balance the financial impact of homeschooling. 

Also, come by to get a free resource we made to help you keep a budget during the expo for the coming school year plus more!

About Intrepid Eagle Finance

Intrepid Eagle Finance specializes in Faith-Based Financial Planning. We specialize in working with Christian families to balance what's truly important with the financial part of life. By focusing our service on these families, we're able to help with the unique challenges families like yours face. Whether it's balancing the financial impact of homeschool, paying for college, or figuring out a 401k at work, we help our client families organize their financial life with purpose. Click here to learn more about how we are unique in our approach to financial help. 

Charles H Thomas III, CFP®

My name is Charles Thomas. I am a Certified Financial Planner™ and founder of Intrepid Eagle Finance. We work with Christian families on their journey to financial freedom. 

I started Intrepid Eagle Finance to serve a community I believe has unique needs. Christian families face the challenge of balancing the needs of Mom and Dad, children, work, church and other things craving resources. The financial component of this difficult balancing act can be stressful to harmonize for this kind of family. How do I know this? My family is part of this group too! 

Click here to learn more about Charles